In a bid to enhance healthy living and health principles among the populace, Precious Cornerstone University Ibadan held her maiden public lecture titled: Lifestyle Diseases And Management, which was delivered by the Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Prof. J. K Oloke at the University Auditorium. In his presentation, Prof. Oloke laid more emphasis on people’s lifestyle that would determine the diseases or sickness that can attack their bodies. He said that the food we eat usually surpasses the diseases that want to attack the human body. According to him, he said God had created us to live long; but what we eat or drink at times shortens the life of human being. He encouraged the audience to make use of plant-like fruits, vegetable. He stated clearly that, eating vegetable is the surest way to stay healthy. He also mentioned some improper lifestyles one should eschew. They are overeating, excessive consumption of fats, smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco. He also advised that one should avoid meat most especially red meat. He said meat is toxic and also milk food is the surest way of being infected with cancer. However, Prof Oloke later gave some health principles that would benefit humanity. They are regulation of eating habit, sleeping or resting well, recreation, and investment in spirituality. According to him, it helps to overcome the stress of life. He also encouraged the audience to avoid sugar, and always check their sugar level.

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