The Second Research Seminar Edition – SDG4 (Quality Education) organized by Precious Cornerstone University Management in collaboration with the Department of Computer Sciences and Library held on Wednesday.

Dr. Jinmi Awokola presenting  on the topic: Digital Literacy: An equitable pathway to economic soundness in the 21st century.

Dr. Jinmi Awokola presented on the topic: Digital Literacy: An equitable pathway to economic soundness in the 21st century. He emphasized the need for researchers and practitioners across all disciplines to be equipped with digital skills so as to remain relevant in a world at the verge of 4th Industrial revolution. “If you do not know, understand or cannot work with technology, you might become irrelevant in the days to come”, he stated.

Highlighting the need for churning out graduates who are ready for the jobs of the future, he explained, “There is need to reinvent our educational system…The onus lies on us to raise a job ready generation so that our youth will be able to maximize job opportunities of the future”.

The Librarian, Dr. Olajide Afolabi emphasized the importance of the seminar to the University community. “This Seminar is to create and boost research awareness in this prestigious University. Multidisciplinary discussion is the beauty of Education now and this is what we are passionate about”.

Dr. Olajide Afolabi also strengthened the importance of digital literacy in consonance with the presentation. He said, “If you are not equipped with digital skills,  you will be left behind in the world of today”.

Students listening during 2nd edition of research seminar series


Staff listening and engaging during the 2nd edition of research seminar series

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Julius Oloke commended the presentation stating that Precious Cornerstone University is committed to raising Digital literate students and staff. The seminar was anchored by Mr Adeniyi, a Computer Science lecturer of Precious Cornerstone University and attended by staff, students and corp member.

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