Golden Eagles Take Flight

If you had walked into Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan, Oyo State on Friday November 4th, 2022, you would have witnessed the buzz of activities in preparation for her Maiden Convocation. All hands were on deck and not one, not even the students were exempted. Staff were attending different meetings, vendors going in with souvenirs ordered and coming out with a smile on their face for the funds that had gained.

Although the University was licensed to operate from 6th of December 2017, it had been a vision residing in the heart of the Chancellor and Founder – Bishop Wale Oke from 2005. He narrated that “The Lord spoke through the scripture … Psalm 144:12…that the Sword of the Spirit Ministries should raise a world class University that shall be called “Precious Cornerstone University…which will raise sons as plants grown in their youth and daughters as cornerstones polished after the similitude of a palace”

Four years later, the university is releasing groomed men and women to the world. To commemorate this, a week/long event was organized.

The Announcement: Change makers released to be a blessing and not burdens.

On Friday, the convocation was flagged off with a press conference that was well attended by press men from Africa Independent Television, Nigeria Television Authority (Ibadan), Fresh FM, Splash FM, Tribune Newspaper, Guardian Newspaper, Punch Newspaper among others

Press men covering the Press Conference of the Maiden Convocation

Principal officers at the Press Conference. From Left – Right :University Librarian – Mr A.A. Olajide; Bursar – Mr F.M. Oladokun; Vice Chancellor – Professor Julius K. Oloke; Registrar – Dr. Mrs Pedetin Afolabi

Vice Chancellor addressing the Press men.

After the Vice Chancellor’s speech, press men probed him to decipher the credibility of the school’s score card as portrayed in the Press release.

To this, the VC highlighted that the University’s dedication to convert knowledge from research to practical tools that can benefit society propelled the university to partner with Helix Biogene Institute, a bio-medical institute to construct COVID-29 Vaccines. He explained the vaccine was currently in the test phase. The team has also recorded success in constructing vaccines for other diseases like Lasss Fever, Monkey Pox Virus, Cholera and so on.

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Let us Praise the Lord: Thanksgiving Service with the Proprietor, Bishop Francis Wale Oke

In the hall were seated ministry men: the Proprietor Bishop Francis Wale Oke, Reverend Victoria Tokunbo Oke, and many respected Pastors:  all with one goal: To thank God for his sustaining power and wisdom that has kept the school running till now and onward.

The Proprietor Bishop Francis Wale Oke and Reverend Victoria Tokunbo Oke

As a faith based institution, the University not only prioritizes excellence in learning and teaching. The curriculum includes comprehensive spiritual training and development. Hence, the thanksgiving service was a necessity.

The University Chaplain, Pastor Dr. Sola Ajibulu was elated at this milestone the university celebrated and boldly declared his confidence in God to achieve greater milestones.

The University Chaplain, Pastor Dr. Sola Ajibulu

Bishop Francis Wale Oke, who is also the President of Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria, made an open show of his gratitude in songs and words. He said “Since the take-off of academic activities, God has been very faithful, and I want to give all glory and honour to his holy name. He has been providing for our needs. We have been witnessing the physical manifestation of the proclamations made on the 11th November 2006”.

Bishop Francis Wale Oke appreciating God

He furthermore pledged his commitment to ensuring the university stays on the strides of excellence in training and infrastructure. He expressed that “As you may observe, we are presently constructing a new female Hostel which we aspire to finish soonest. It is our desire to start the construction of the male hostel immediately we complete the construction of the female hostel. It is also our desire to begin construction work at the Campus 2 of Precious Cornerstone University which is situated along the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.”

In the spirit of gratitude, members and staff jubilated as songs of praise were rendered

Staff and Students Jubilating

It’s a goal… not just the flight of Eagles: A Novelty Football Match between Staff and Graduating Students.

Boots…Jersey… a cheering audience and ready players. It was a friendly match between Staff and Graduating students. The match began with a striking kick-off by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Julius Oloke.

                    Vice Chancellor, Prof Julius Oloke.opening the match with a kick-off

Knowing that the Golden Eagles have champions who have won the VC’s Cup made the match thrilling to anticipate.

Student Players

According to staff, their win will give a quick lesson to the Eagles to never underestimate an opponent. Whilst for the Eagles, their win would be a show-off of their agility and skill they have garnered in Precious Cornerstone University.

Student and staff players getting ready for the match

Amongst the viewers were The Vice-Chancellor – Professor Julius Oloke; Registrar – Dr Mrs P.O Afolabi; Bursar – Mr F.M Oladokun; Librarian – Mr A.A. Olajide, staff and students.

After a skillful show of kicks, strikes and strategy from both teams, the match was closed with the Staff winning the graduands: 3-2.

Staff won the game scoring 2 goals as students scored 1 goal.

The Vice Chancellor applauded the civility with which the match was played and congratulated the winning team. He then urged that sports be used as a tool for peace keeping. To the graduates, he encouraged them that the loss does not undermine the winning spirit they already carry. He charged them to keep soaring as Eagles that they are.

A time for everything…Time to Unwind: Convocation Play and Variety Night

After a friendly football match, The Oreofe Williams Theatre Group – the producer of the popularly acclaimed Awo Jesu and many other movies – was featured to treat the student in an entertaining yet enlightening drama.

Dr Oreofe Williams giving an appreciation speech as well as introducing the play

The drama titled Stomach Infrastructure was a satirical representation of socio-political events in present day Nigeria. The actors were beautifully clad in traditional and modern costumes accordingly as their roles required. To underscore the need to preserve our indigenous heritage, traditional drums like the bata were used and cultural dance steps were delivered with style

Oreofe Williams Theatre group delivering their stage play – Stomach Infrastructure

A cross section of the talents and Principal officers of Precious Cornerstone University Ibadan

The Vice Chancellor described the performance as ‘engaging and enlightening’.

The Vice Chancellor – Prof Julius Oloke – commending Dr. Oreofe for the performance delivered.

Almost immediately, the variety night began. The room rang with laughter and cheers as students stepped out to boldly demonstrate their talents in dancing, singing, managing an event and so many more.

Students displaying their talents

A cross section of students enjoying the moment

It was a fun-filled day loaded with expressing and enjoying art in its numerous forms. The programme started and ended with prayers.

“The Nigerian Youth (are) endangered species unless a sustainability strategy is employed” – Pastor Muyiwa Bamgbose

In the last couple of years, University Education, which is believed to contribute to human and social development “in terms of higher income, improved labour productivity,…reduction of poverty…” has been discovered to not necessarily translate to success and job appointments. This was stated by Pastor Muyiwa Bamgbose during his delivery of the convocation lecture themed: Nigerian Youths – Sustainability Strategies in a Dynamic Economy

Pastor Muyiwa Bamgbose delivering the convocation lecture themed: Nigerian Youths – Sustainability Strategies in a Dynamic Economy

The convocation lecture’s theme was a deliberate choice to prepare graduands for the next phase of their life growth. As a solution to the teeming problem of unemployment, Pastor Muyiwa who is a philanthropist, human capital developer, researcher and entrepreneur identified that social and economic sustainability is key to building a community of youths that are agile, responsive and participatory in social development.

Students singing the Anthems: National, State and School Anthem

A cross-section of students listening with rapt attention

The researcher explained that the current economic breakdown in the country is threatening the moral standards youths are to hold dear. He said “The Nigerian Youth is overwhelmed by the plethora of weaknesses and threats that he tends to go for get-rich-quickly strategies. The lure into financial crimes and cultism are stronger than ever experienced in this country and the Nigerian Youth has to recognize such pulls as unsustainable options.”

The Entrepreneur then opined that youths who would be successful should learn to exploit the strengths (Literacy, Religion, Ethnicity, Sociability) and opportunities (manufacturing, financial services, communication industry, information technology, entertainment industry, large market, ‘agriculture’, fashion) the Nigerian youth possess rather that be overcome by the  weaknesses (Affluence, Consumerism, Prone to violence, Lack of employability skills) and threats (high inflation, high cost of diesel, currency depreciation, climate change impact, flooding, urban-rural migration, high unemployment and high level of poverty) plaguing the Nigerian economy and youth.

Pastor Bamgbose then charged youths to apply the entrepreneurial skills and education they have acquired in Precious Cornerstone University to profit in the Nigerian economy. He said, “a dynamic economy is full of energy and excitement for those who can spot and exploit opportunities.”

The Principal officers and Staff were present.

The Vice Chancellor – Prof Julius Oloke and Registrar – Dr Pedetin Afolabi paying attention to the Lecture

Staff Members paying attention to the Convocation Lecture

Community of Golden Eagles: The Launch

After the intellectual immersion, Dr. Samson Omobayo Adegoke, the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council inaugurated the Alumni community of the Golden Eagles.

Dr. Samson Omobayo Adegoke, the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council

He expressed his joy at this milestone and stated that this was the beginning of another phase of greatness. “Initially when we started, it was looking like a mirage. But today, we can see the fruits.” He then charged the Golden Eagles to make a difference as they have been prepared for excellence both spiritually and academically.

The year book of the Golden Eagles was also launched and supported by Members of Board of Trustees, Parents, Ministers and Staff.

Dignitaries making their pledge to launch the year book

The book was a compendium of student’s details and short experience of their stay in Precious Cornerstone University.

The Yearbook of the Golden Eagles – 2022 Graduands

The session was anchored by Dr. Imah- Harry, the University’s Orator

Dr. Imah-Harry anchoring the Convocation Lecture and Launch of Year Book

A Recognition of Excellence: The Chaplaincy Award

Over 10 students and staff were awarded for their commitment, consistency and contribution towards the successful operations of the Chaplain as well as academic dexterity and extra-curricular achievements.

As a Faith- Based institution, Precious Cornerstone University deems it fit to groom her students spiritually, thereby making them fit to face life challenges boldly and without defeat.

The University Chaplain, Dr. Olusola Ajibulu calling out the awardees

The University Chaplain, Dr. Olusola Ajibulu noted that the award was designed “creatively and uniquely” to celebrate virtues and not just results. Hence students who embodied the virtues like Prayerfulness, Consistency, Commitment, Dependability were celebrated amidst joyful cheers and applause.

Some of the student Awardees

Some of the Student Awardees include: David Ogboji – Prayer Machine, Omilani Aminat – Best Graduating Student, Peace Olajide, Opayinka Dorcas, Ayomide Oladipupo to mention a few.

Some of the Staff Awardees

The Staff Awardees include Dr. Imah-Harry, Dr. Awokola, the Principal officers – The Vice Chancellor – Prof J.K Oloke, Registrar – Dr Pedetin Afolabi amongst others.

Students and staff were treated to Lunch as the programme came to a close.

The Entrepreneurial Students: A Precious Cornerstone story

The Citadel of learning, Precious Cornerstone University, has consistently established its interest in not just strengthening her students’ academic dexterity and godly moral values, but is also a key believer in  raising students who are employers of labour. An opportunity was given for students and staff to exhibit their wares in the school premises.

The products cut across Fashion Brand, confectionary business, bead jewelleries, the launch of books amongst others.

Some of the Products Exhibited by Staff and Students

The University registered 98 students’ businesses with the Corporate Affairs Commission as part of the curriculum of Entrepreneurship Studies. According to the Vice Chancellor, this is to ensure they are able to start growing their wealth even before  graduation.

Students supporting the small businesses on exhibition

Students and staff trooped in to patronize the products for exhibition

A Roundtable with the VC: Luncheon with Graduating Students

Graduands at the Luncheon with the Vice Chancellor.

Community, easy access to authority and training are core characteristics of Precious Cornerstone University. This was exemplified in the relaxed evening atmosphere which characterized the luncheon Graduating students had with the Vice Chancellor – Professor Julius Oloke as well as Principal officers and staff.

The Vice Chancellor, Principal Officers and some staff present at the Launcheon

The Vice Chancellor expressed his delight at the release of the Eagles and charged the Golden Eagles to act based on how they have been trained.

Students sharing their experience in Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan

Each student was given room to share their experience in Precious Cornerstone University. According to Eleshinnla Taiwo, a computer science graduating student, he was grateful for the training he received as a song producer via the entrepreneurship platform of which he has produced his first song. Samaila Elizabeth, a Business Administration graduate appreciated the opportunity she had to experience other cultures apart from her own.

Students enjoying their meals.

Students were treated to delicious delicacies.

The Journey Continues…

With a steady buildup of activities that were both intellectual and entertaining, the convocation ceremony for the investiture of Bishop Francis Wale Oke as Chancellor, Conferment of honorary & first degrees, award of prizes and the release of the Golden Eagles held on Friday November 11, 2022.

It marked the dawn of a new chapter where the world will be able to testify to the quality of men and women Precious Cornerstone University has produced.

Eagles don’t fly, they soar!

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