“Our institution is a fertile ground for learning, where ideas thrive” – Says VC

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Timothy Adejumo addressing the University Community during the New year Prayer meeting
The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Timothy Adejumo, during the New Year Prayer Meeting, urged members of the University Community to wholeheartedly embrace the Vision and Mission of Precious Cornerstone University, emphasizing the need for commitment and diligence to yield ground-breaking results.
Pastor Adesoji Adeniji giving a message titled “He is your strength” during the New year prayer meeting.
“I am delighted to welcome everyone back. This year holds immense possibilities, and our achievements will be fueled by the strength of the Lord. We are entering a new era marked by academic excellence, growth, innovation, and societal impact. Let us join hands to propel PCU to the pinnacle as the best private faith-based university of world-class status,” he stated.” As a faith-based institution, Precious Cornerstone University commenced the year with a community-wide prayer meeting, where the University Chaplain, Professor Adesoji Adeniji, underscored the importance of aligning vision with divine guidance. In his message themed,  “He is your Strength,” drawn from the devotional “Changed from Glory to Glory” by Bishop Francis Wale Oke, he emphasized the need for reliance on God’s strength for success in the year 2024. “Whatever we do with the Word of the Lord will determine how far we go and the level of strength we will operate in the year 2024”, he noted.
The message “He is your Strength” culled from the Devotional “Changed from Glory to Glory” by Bishop Francis Wale Oke
Further addressing the University Community, the Registrar Mrs. Morenike Afolabi emphasized the significance of prayer to achieving the vision of PCU. She said, “It is the Word of the Lord that we need to open the year. By the help of the Lord, in the year 2024, PCU’s light will shine bright”. Encouraging staff to pursue excellence and work-life balance, she urged a proactive approach, saying, “Start out great! Hit the ground running! Don’t postpone! Prioritize your health and well-being. Strive for a healthy work-life balance. Avoid burnout. Remember, depression is real. Rest your body well. Don’t allow the body to take a break on its own volition.”
The Registrar, Mrs Morenike Afolabi, giving her address to the University Community
Prof. Timothy Adejumo continued to inspire staff, urging them to actively contribute to achieving PCU’s grand vision. “A job of 5-years, I love to do it in 2-years. It is a great run and I invite everyone to run. Prayer is essential;  If we don’t pray, we don’t achieve. If we pray little, we achieve little. If we pray much, we achieve much. Our institution is a fertile ground for learning, where ideas thrive. All suggestions to enhance PCU are welcome. We are here to shape our students into individuals who will significantly contribute to the nation’s growth. May this year be marked by academic achievements, financial stability, mental growth, and a strong sense of community.”
Librarian PCu listening
The University’s Librarian, Dr. Olajide Afolabi, listening during the New Year Prayer Meeting
bursar pcu
The University’s Bursar, Mr. Festus Oladokun listening during the New Year Prayer Meeting
The University’s Bursar, Mr. Festus Oladokun, and the Librarian, Dr. Olajide Afolabi, along with members of the University community, were inspired to carry out significant responsibilities and tasks ahead.
Members of the University community participating during the New Year Prayer Meeting

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