Staff and students strengthens commitment to University Vision

The Principal officers of Precious Cornerstone University on Tuesday admonished Staff and Students to stay compliant to the University’s vision to aid personal development, advancement of the University and socio-economic development of society.

The Vice Chancellor – Professor Julius Oloke addressing students and staff during the retreat in the University’s Auditorium.

The Vice Chancellor – Professor Julius Oloke, stressed that the university’s systems and structures cannot singlehandedly refine the students except they apply themselves to the process. Professor Oloke said, “When you pass through a university like this, let the university pass through you so you can be a person of difference. If you don’t allow what we are doing here to pass through you, you’d have wasted your time”.

A Cross-section of female students listening during the retreat

He then explained that the cooperation of the students to the vision will not only benefit the university but will ultimately set them up for success. “Discipline is key to your academic, spiritual and financial growth. As great students of Precious Cornerstone University, today, we will be injecting into you the academic, entrepreneurial and spiritual culture of Precious Cornerstone because it is of great importance for you all to bear fruits of your training at Precious Cornerstone University. The people that will be successful in life are those that have the skill, are disciplined and are spiritual. Success is what we are preparing you for.”

The Registrar – Dr. Pedetin Afolabi addressing students and staff during the retreat in the University’s Auditorium.

 With a spotlight on the vision of the University, the Registrar – Dr. Pedetin Afolabi – identified that the four main parts of the vision should be a mantra the student’s live by. “A first class student without character will be devalued in the world. This is why the vision of the institution is focused on four areas – To be a University of Excellence; Character Building; Promoting Harmony of students with God; and enhancing human dignity and self -discovery. Our Vehicle for achieving this is Quality Education”.

A Cross-section of male and female students listening during the retreat

To further enlighten the students on the importance of imbibing the university’s culture, she stated “The systems we have set up will prepare you for the world. This is why we are set to produce students who meet these standards which will not only benefit you but the nation as well”

Mr Festus Oladokun, The Bursar of Precious Cornerstone University

The Bursar, Mr Festus Oladokun stressed the importance of finance to the smooth running of the institution. Announcing the introduction of an Innovative Payment System through the University’s portal, he said to the students “Precious Cornerstone University has made it easier for you to pay your fees. All you just need to do is go to www.eportal.pcu.edu.ng/applogin , input your password and follow the processes laid out.” Furthermore, the Bursar educated the students on the various payment plans that are available to them to make school fees payment easier.

Academic excellence was also addressed in the retreat by the University Librarian. He advised the students to approach their academics with a consciousness to excel. “Every semester, set an agenda for your academic result. With hard work and prayer, you will achieve your goals. Don’t skip classes. Information is needed for knowledge. Study your lecturers and their lecturing approach. Do your assignments on time” Dr Olajide Afolabi said.

The Librarian – Dr Olajide Afolabiaddressing students and staff during the retreat in the University’s Auditorium.

Recognizing that students are major consumers of online media, Dr Olajide Afolabi, the Librarian enthused that students have an edge to succeed compared to the era of education without the Internet. He said, “Students, nowadays, are expected to know more than our lecturers. Maximize your data and collaborate with the library to get resources.” He resounded, “Your Academic success is a key reason you came here”

The University Chaplain – Pastor. Ajibulu Olusola – addressing students and staff during the retreat in the University’s Auditorium.

The University Chaplain, Dr. Ajibulu Olusola stated during his address that God still comes first despite academic pursuit. He said “Maturity and discipline in the Word of God, Prayer life, Fellowship with other believers helps a student succeed. God must always take first place”. He admonished students to reach out whenever they need spiritual and emotional support.

“If you need help, reach out. Don’t keep it to yourself when you need help. Whatever you don’t deal with on time, you will deal with in time”.

A Cross-section of Staff listening during the retreat

In order to help students achieve financial independence, Miss Adegoke Damola, the coordinator of the University’s Entrepreneur Programme, highlighted that the university has 12 skills available for practical learning.

The Staff and Student retreat took place in the University’s Auditorium.

A Cross-section of male and female students listening during the retreat






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