The Vice Chancellor and the Delegates of The National Association of Northern Nigerian Students (NANNS). From Left to Right: Comrade Samuel Alice, Comrade Ibrahim Adamu, The Vice Chancellor – Prof Julius Oloke, Comrade Muhammad Adamu, Comrade Abubakar Abdulkadir

The National Association of Northern Nigerian Students (NANNS) on Thursday presented a Meritorious Award of Leadership to the Vice Chancellor of Precious Cornerstone University – Professor Julius Oloke to celebrate his Excellent leadership prowess and contribution to the Educational Development in the country.

The Public Relations Officer – Comrade Muhammad Awwal Adamu – presenting the award to the Vice- Chancellor – Professor Julius Oloke

Comrade Samuel Alice Nnabida dressing the Vice Chancellor – Professor Julius Oloke with the Medal

The award which is called Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna Distinguished Leadership Award was presented by four delegates that arrived from Kano – Comrade Ibrahim Isah Adamu – General Secretary, Comrade Muhammad Awwal Adamu – The Public Relations Officer and two members who are Comrade Abubakar Abdulkadir Adam and Comrade Samuel Alice Nnabida.

According to the General secretary of the association, Comrade Ibrahim Isah Adamu, Professor Julius Oloke was selected not by porous standards but by an evident track record of his success in training students and in providing visionary leadership in Precious Cornerstone University and beyond which he described as “too imposing to be ignored”.

“We are… presenting you the Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna Distinguished Leadership Award in recognition of your uprightness, doggedness, integrity, sagacity, excellent and diligent disposition of your duties with absolute fairness, accountability, immense contribution towards National Development and your service to the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, he stated.

Professor Julius Oloke addressing the delegates

Professor Julius Oloke who became a Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology in 1999 has been involved in providing leadership for students, training of 30 PhD students in different areas of Natural Metabolites who have become Professors in different parts of the world, as well as production of an immune-boosting drug – TRINO IB to mention a few. The Vice Chancellor expressed surprise and was honored to be part of the Hall of Fame. “When I was told that the National Association of Northern Nigerian Students will like to give me an award, I was thinking how that was possible.When I saw how genuine you were which is evident in the manner you conduct yourself, I decided to give you audience”

Comrade Ibrahim Isah – The Leader of the Delegate

 The Leader of the delegate – Comrade Ibrahim Isah – highlighted activities the association, which is present across 19 Northern states including FCT, is involved. These activities cut across Drug abuse sensitization, ICT training and development, promotion of peace and unity, to make society better.

“Sir, the NANNS was formed under the influence of students studying across the 19 Northern states and FCT with the aims and objectives of promoting peace, unity, breaching the gap between differences and discrimination as well as fighting against all forms of social vices affecting our community most especially in our various campus starting with Drug Abuse…we collaborate with the National Drug Law Enforcement agency as well as the Pharmaceutical society of Nigeria where we organize sensitization programmes and health talks…Secondly the issue of rapes, sexual assault, gender and domestic violence where we have been partnering with security organizations;…Girl Child education…we deem it fit to collaborate with some known NGOs to sponsor the girl child; Unemployment…we collaborate with The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency, Bank of Industry as well as National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure where we’ve been coaching students on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Satellite Installation, CCTV cameras and so on to enable our students to be self Reliant..”

The Vice Chancellor applauded their effort and contribution to the development of society. He then pledged his support to them. He said, “What you are doing is commendable. As regards employability of our students, I ensured I trained my PhD students in areas they can commercialize like Mushroom Cultivation, drug design. Even here at Precious Cornerstone University, we took it upon ourselves to register our student’s businesses with CAC. We are committed to seeing students thrive. Anytime you want us to hold a seminar on your platform, I am ready to do it. I am a full supporter of imparting our people with knowledge of how to live long. I can spend three days training people on Lifestyle Medicine i.e. Training People how to live long in good health…”

Representatives of the Student Council of Precious Cornerstone University

A Cross Section of the Attendants who witnessed the Award Ceremony

The award ceremony was witnessed by The Bursar – Mr Festus Oladokun, The Librarian – Dr. Olajide Afolabi and Representatives of the Student Council in person of the President, Vice President,  Male Leader and General Secretary.

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