Ist University Lecture; Lifestyle Medicine, Unraveling The Unknown


In the developed world, lifestyle is one of the major determining factors in the health condition of a population. A high percentage of medical consultations in primary and specialist health care are due to lifestyle-related illnesses (which are, therefore, preventable). Likewise, the great majority of practice guidelines recommend lifestyle changes as the first line of treatment. Consequently, lifestyle is not only a public health issue, but also very clinically relevant in current therapeutic management of illnesses especially chronic pathologies. Hence, Professor Julius Kola Oloke, the pioneer Vice-chancellor, Precious Cornerstone University, an erudite scholar, a versatile scientist, an astute researcher, a health coach, a member of American Society of life-style medicine and also the Nigeria chapter of the Society, is saddled with the responsibility of enriching us on the advent of lifestyle medicine, seeks to resolve the current shortcomings and provide continuity between preventive medicine and current patient-centred clinical practice “ Unravelling the Unknown; Lifestyle Medicine”

Date is 4th of March 2021 by 12pm at the university auditorium.

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