With a commitment to enhance staff capabilities and foster a vibrant research culture within Nigerian academia, the Centre for Research, Innovation and Discoveries (CRID) of Precious Cornerstone University organized a one-day training on crafting winning research proposals and identifying funding opportunities.

Dr. Felix Okunlola, serving as the Ag. Director of CRID and Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, emphasized the workshop’s aim to bridge existing grant-winning knowledge gap.  “This workshop represents a unique opportunity for us to enhance our skills in crafting compelling grant proposals and securing funding for our research endeavours. Today, we will have the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of proposal writing, explore various funding avenues, and glean insights from experienced professionals”, he said.

Dr. Felix Okunlola, Ag. Director of CRID giving Opening Remark

The workshop which was hosted at the University’s Auditorium featured two distinguished experts: Prof. Emmanuel T. Akintayo from Department of Chemistry, Ekiti State University and Prof. Ayodele S. Jegede, Director of Research Management Office from the University of Ibadan, both renowned for their success in securing grants nationally and internationally. They shared practical steps to prepare for and secure grants, emphasizing alignment with sponsors’ visions and the significance of multidisciplinary approaches.

Prof. Emmanuel T. Akintayo from Department of Chemistry, Ekiti State University, training participants during the first session
Prof. Ayodele S. Jegede, Director of Research Management Office from the University of Ibadan, training participants during second session

Professor Timothy O. Adejumo, the Vice-Chancellor of Precious Cornerstone University enjoined participants to maximize the workshop by asking questions and paying rapt attention to the facilitators. “We will be told funding sources at this workshop, grant application, knowledge sharing and application. I urge all and sundry to contribute meaningfully during the training for the development and growth of our institution and education sector in general”, he said.

In the first session led by Prof. Emmanuel T. Akintayo, the training highlighted the fundamental principle of aligning ideas and grant-proposal idea to the sponsor’s vision and interest. In highlighting practical tips to writing effective grant proposal as well as secure funding opportunities, the Professor said “Read the guideline properly before applying. As a researcher, learn to start small. Also ensure to assemble your team for research. Ensure to keep working and to keep developing yourself”.

From L-R, A cross section of Ag. Director of CRID – Dr. Felix Okunlola; University Chaplain – Pastor (Engr.) Adesoji Adeniji; Keynote Speaker of first Session – Prof. Emmanuel T. Akintayo; The Vice-Chancellor – Prof. Timothy O. Adejumo; Registrar – Mrs. Morenike Afolabi; University Librarian – Dr. Afolabi Olajide; Dean, Faculty of Social and Management Sciences (FSMS) – Prof. Oyeranti Olugboyega; Dean, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences (FPAS) – Prof. Joshua Ojo after the first training session

For Professor Ayodele S. Jegede, he underscored multidisciplinary approach to research as a 21st century methodology for solving problems. “As a researcher, you need to keep improving yourself and learn to work with others outside your field as against carrying out solo research. The methodology of the 20th century cannot solve the problems of the 21st century’’. The Director for Research Management in University of Ibadan further highlighted the benefits of multidisciplinary research. He said, “An interdisciplinary project is usually more creative than a project emanating from a single discipline. It is usually unique and innovative”.

A cross section of participants and Keynote Speaker, Professor Ayodele S. Jegede, after the second session

Expressing his excitement, The Vice-Chancellor appreciated the speakers, affirming that the knowledge shared will be practically applied to build Precious Cornerstone University. Dr. Imah Harry, one of the members of the Local Organizing Committee, summarized the sessions and extended appreciated to the speakers for knowledge dispensed.

Dr. Imah Harry, a member of the Local Organizing Committee, giving Vote of Thanks

The training, which was an interactive session, drew participation from Principal Officers, researchers within and beyond the University, and other interested members of the Precious Cornerstone University Community, marking a significant step towards advancing research excellence.

Participants paying attention during the workshop

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