OVER 20 ELDERS ENLIGHTENED IN PCU’s ONE-DAY HEALTH OUTREACH “The knowledge I have gained here is really helpful” – says participant

Precious Cornerstone University organized a one-day health outreach programme for over 20 elders in her host community – Olaogun community – as part of her commitment to give back to society. The outreach which was facilitated in Yoruba indigenous Language was targeted at enlightening senior citizens on simple health practices backed by scientific knowledge they can imbibe as a lifestyle to improve their well being and promote long life.

Professor Adeyeye, the chairman of the University’s Community Linkage enthused that the outreach, one amongst many more, is simply a duty every university must perform. “Education without impact is meaningless. That is why it is necessary that the knowledge educational institutions churn out be transferred to the society and not left on the shelf”. This was supported by the Vice Chancellor – Professor Julius Oloke – who facilitated the outreach. He stated that the goal of Precious Cornerstone University is to inform the public on findings of science to make life better for the society.

The Vice Chancellor debunked myths and informed the elders on certain practices that are keys to long life and sound health. He said, “As elders, ensure you exercise and eat right. In the morning before eating, ensure to exercise and walk barefooted. Walking barefooted is of advantage because there are negative electrons on the earth that stabilize cortisol levels which help reduce stress and make sleeping possible.”

Professor Oloke further stressed the need for eating healthy meals at the right time and danger of eating wrong. He narrated, “When my mother was alive, I always bought cartons of malt for her. How I wish I knew what I know now at that time, I would have gifted her healthy products like olive oil, fresh fish and more fruits like cucumber. Elders, choose to eat healthy. Instruct your children to buy healthy products for you over poisonous foods”.

One of the attendants, Mr Akin Oyeleke who gave the vote of thanks said, “Thank you for this programme you organized for us. I am one who supports the use of our local foods and leaves to live healthy and you have given us knowledge for free. Thank you sir”. Another participant, Mr Bola Adeyemi stated “I didn’t want to come for this programme at first but I’m glad I came because the knowledge I have gained here is really helpful. More people need to know about the good work going on in Precious Cornerstone University”.

On reviewing the event, Professor Adeyeye judged the event a success. He pointed out that the questions asked by participants is proof they enjoyed the session. “It was not a morbid one-way communication session. It was highly interactive. We will surely do more programmes like this.”

In order to propel the elders on the path of healthy living, the Vice Chancellor gifted participants a bottle of Trinity Imuno-booster, a herbal antioxidant that boosts the immune system. Participants were also treated to a meal.

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