Welcome to the official page of the University Chaplaincy!

The Chaplaincy of PCU is the spiritual power house where the entire PCU community of staff and students get spiritual nourishment and are organized for the purposes of worship, godly interaction and stimulation for holistic development; thereby balancing academic pursuit with spirituality.

As a Faith-Based Institution, our approach to the development of students and staff is holistic–taking cognizance of the tripartite nature of man. The Chaplaincy is therefore cooperating with the Academic Division and the Sports Center (where students engage in physical exercises) in striking a balance as we focus on the following:

1. Spiritual Growth: We shall seek to develop our students spiritually through quality teaching of the Word of God, prayer, vibrant fellowship, and interpersonal mutual exchanges for maximum impact.
2. Responsible Leadership: We shall consciously expose our students to leadership ethos and provide them opportunities to lead in preparation for a lifetime of leadership in their chosen fields of human endeavor.
3. Social Responsibility: We shall train our students to engage society through meaningful contribution in outreaches, community services, civic duties, and general humanitarian concerns.
4. Global Relevance: In an age of globalization, we shall seek to develop our students to become ‘Global Christians’ in their thinking and behavior, based on the Word foundation, in order for them to truly represent biblical Christianity anywhere they go.
Should you have any suggestions or questions regarding our commitments, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you!

Pastor Sola Ajibulu, DMin.
University Chaplain

Mission Statement

To prepare skilled and ethical scholars, professionals and leaders through provision of excellent education in a conducive environment


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